#5MinutesWith... Tanis Chalopin

Meet the talented music wonder with a Singapore connection and an 80's supermodel mum


You've probably already heard of Tanis Chalopin, the half-Singaporean, Paris-based music artist whose EP, Blackout, drops internationally tomorrow.

Daughter of a French private investor and one of Singapore's first supermodels Ethel Fong ,she was raised in Paris but visits Singapore regularly and calls herself "a Singaporean at heart and stomach". We find an audience with the 22-year-old as she reveals her Happy playlist, music icon and more.

You write, compose, perform and produce your own songs. Why?  

I love every stage of work in the musical process. Each stage is so different! It's important for me to be able to produce my own work.  I hope not to be a product of someone else’s creation but my own. To this end, I learn what needs to be learned and always strive to continue and improve.  

If you were having a bad day, which 5 tracks would make it onto your ‘Happy Playlist’?

1. Walking on a dream - Empire of the Sun

2. Happy - Pharrell Williams

 3. Drive - Tanis

4. Paradise - Coldplay

5. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

Which 3 songs from your  EP, Blackout, are extra special to you?

“Child in the Empty Forest” which describes the feeling of being alone though we might be in a busy place, or by being different. It's a song I strongly connect to because of my own journey in music that left me very isolated.  

“Blackout”, the title track. I've always loved this song because beyond being a song about a lost love, it's also speaks about the emotions that we push down and hide among all the distractions that surround us in our daily lives. But in the darkness of a blackout, when all the excessive technologies are all down, we're just left with ourselves and our true feelings.

And “Losing My Mind”, which shares a message of awareness about our deteriorating world. The damages made are not completely irreversible and if we all make an individual effort, small or big, we can help sustain the beauty of our planet a little longer, or bring the change that it needs.

Who are some of your favourite artists?

There are so many I have admired for years,  I wouldn't even know where to begin the list!  I really admire Rihanna as an icon; watching her style, music and just overall greatness develop over the years really shows me that one can never stop growing. It's so inspiring to watch. I am also a huge fan of Bon Iver. The ambient vocal and instrumentation of their music has gotten me through some tough days and their music will always resound strongly in my heart.

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