#5MinutesWith... Nathan Hartono

Hear what he has to say about infatuation, music and what's up next


What a year it's been for this boyish jazz singer, who's all of 25. His latest single, Electricty, is out. So far, he's won a digital award, played at a solo gig, and blown people away on Sing! China. We managed to catch up with him for his thoughts on falling in love, singing, and what's up next.

This single is about the highs of infatuation. When's the last time you experienced this? 

I sometimes think it happens more often than we care to admit, those nights at the club when a game of eye tag lasts a little longer than usual, and you're hooked. You know its mostly baseless and (probably) isn't going to go anywhere, but the thrill of the chase is enough to get you through the night. It's exciting. I'm also not ashamed to admit that this happens to me like, every other time I go out. Dark lights make a lot of things look very good.  

What's your favourite line from the single?

“Time and space erased and waits for you.”That's kinda what it feels like when you're caught in that slap of infatuation. When I see someone I'm attracted to, the universe revolves around that person. I stop everything. And I'm completely drawn in. It's stupid, really! 

If you had to choose between singing and acting, which would it be?  

Singing. I'm only a passable actor. 


2016’s been a great year so far, with a digital award, a solo gig, and your appearance on Sing! China. You must be smiling in your sleep...

I just love doing stuff. All these years in music, I've said yes to so many things, great and small, because I really really really love performing. And I guess that open-mindedness affords a lot of freedom on stage that allows me to treat it like a playground. It never really feels overwhelming.

All the press, all the attention, that stuff is temporary (sorry, press!). But those moments on stage, when there is so much potential to inspire and be inspired, that's the stuff that makes all of this sooooo good. The schedule shifts, the mindset remains the same.  

ELLE Singapore has loved you since 2011's Spring Awakening. You've come a long way! What’s next, in 2017 and beyond? 

And I love you! Thank you! Life is changing very quickly. I don't know if I can catch up. But I know there is new music down the pipeline. Hopefully a tour. Possibly more theatre. And the rest is gonna be a huge mystery to the both of us. 

Check out the MTV below.

Electricity is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Photos: Warner Music

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