#5MinuteHack: Downsize Your Bag The Kondo Way

Stop carrying your entire life around all the time


I am not a pack rat, but I have friends who are. You know, the ones who have everything from wet wipes, portable chargers and a foldable hat to insect repellent (yes, I’m serious) in their bags. You can spot them by their hunched posture or that telling red mark peeking out on their shoulder.

“You’ll never know what you might need!” goes one friend, defensively, when I asked her why she has to carry so many things with her all the time. But I can attest that her level of preparation usually results in many unused, random items lying in her bag that never see the light of day.

If you’re guilty of the above, and wish to lighten your load – well, luck is here. We’ve come up with some Marie Kondo-style hacks for downsizing your handbag – read on to find out more!

Replace your large tote with a cute crossbody

Yes, we’re talking about that huuuge, weather-beaten monster that you drag everywhere you go. It’s time to let go of that deadweight and go for something smaller and lighter. Making this first step is winning half the battle, as the size of the bag you carry limits the number of items you can carry with you: A smaller bag = Lighter load.

Choose a minimalist crossbody that goes with everything, from day-to-day work outfits to weekend brunch attire, like this Mansur Gavriel leather bag.

Spring-clean your wallet

One of my favourite pastimes is clearing out wallets for my friends. The bulkier, the better. Usually I find a combination of the following: receipts, membership cards that are only used once, random reward cards from bubble tea shops, more receipts, namecards of people they don’t remember, an extra EZ-link card, and lastly, you guessed it – more receipts.

I’d pick a random card out and ask the guilty party: “Have you used this in the past three months?” If the answer is no, it’s going into the bin.

Switch to a cardholder

If you’re ready to take a bolder step after cleaning out your wallet, consider downsizing your brick-sized accessory to a cardholder. Sleek, chic and ever so functional, this Bottega Veneta cardholder is roomy enough to fit in everything you need: an EZ-link card, credit cards, work pass, driver’s license and a couple of $50 bills.

Streamline your beauty kit

Here’s what I have in mine: Facial blotters, lip balm, a small comb and a red lipstick. Everything else is pushing it – How many times have you touched up your mascara in public? Do you really need to carry around three nude lipglosses all the time? Don’t get me started on the eyelash curler.

Grab the smallest electronics

Pick out the slimmest and lightest version of the portable charger (this Valore model is the same size as your credit card!), headphones and other gadgets you need and stick to them. #ThankGodForSmartphones

Trim the fat

Maaaybe it’s time to stop carrying that soft toy bag chain you got for your birthday last year. Do you really need a Hello Kitty figurine hanging off your lanyard? Does your keychain resemble a factory farm for furries? They may be cute, but they’re taking up precious space in your bag while adding on unnecessary weight – ditch ‘em.

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