5 Ways To Make Monday Pass More Quickly

Chin up - it’ll be 6pm soon



The first day of the work week is always the hardest to get through: It seems especially difficult to drag yourself out of bed, squeeze into the MRT carriage along with other zombie-like commuters, and try not to hyperventilate when you log into your email. And once you’re in the office, time slows to a crawl, with each glance at your watch showing that only 10 minutes have passed.

You feel like you’re trapped in some kind of time warp, and all you want to do is have the clock say it’s 6pm so you can race home and watch more episodes of Making A Murderer. To numb the pain, here are some To Do’s to consider.

1. Find a new spot

Do you work in a hot-desking environment? If so, pick out a new setting for yourself, such as a meeting room or a sheltered corner of the roof garden. Not only does this automatically put new colleagues around you, it also offers a fresh perspective.

If you don’t have that option, consider taking a stroll now and then, just to shake off that sluggishness. Round up a colleague or two for a visit to the vending machine for a candy bar, or the canteen for a coffee. You’ll not only get some fresh air but the latest goss!

2. Distract yourself

If you keep yourself occupied, you won’t even have time to glance at your watch. Just focus on the task at hand and close that Facebook tab on your browser. Or rope in a colleague to help. Before you know it, time will have flown by.

3. Tick off a To-Do list

Rather than let your responsibilties for the day intimidate you, revel in the sense of achievement you get when you cross off each task. The more headway you make on the list, the stronger the realisation that the day is about to end. Who knows, you may even wish time didn’t go by so quickly so you can get more done.

4. Create a music playlist  

A little music keeps the spirits up, so complete your tasks with some musical company by way of Walk The Moon, Drake or whoever you’re currently into. Not only will this drown out annoying coworkers, it will also give you mini mental breaks between one task and another.

5. Make plans

Nothing will cheer you up like having something to look forward to after you swing the office door closed behind you. Trawl the web for new F&B joints to check out or book yourself a movie ticket. Knowing you’ll have a great end to your day will allow you to approach the rest of the afternoon with a lighter heart.

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