5 Ways To Improve Your Handwriting

Transform your chicken scratch into an elegant hand


In this digital era where all we do is type out e-mails and text on our mobile phones, penmanship has become a much-neglected skill. But far from being obsolete, good handwriting is a quality prized more than ever before because of its rarity these days.

Just like the outfits and makeup you choose to dress yourself in, your handwriting is a form of personal expression. It is, however, far more important than your physical appearance because it’s also a mark of your cultivation.

Does your handwriting look like a 5-year-old’s scrawl? It’s not too late to correct it, contrary to what you may think. There are unfortunately no keyboard shortcuts to beautiful writing, and you’ll need a lot of practice. Here are some other tips that can help you cultivate it.

1. Start a journal

No chance to do any writing? A diary is a great way to get some daily practice. If you can’t find much to record about your day, try copying down verses or quotes that inspire you instead.

2. Slow down when writing

We are so used to hammering out an e-mail in under a minute, we forget to slow down when it comes to manual writing. You’ll find that your handwriting will immediately start to look better if you just pay a little attention to every stroke you make with your pen.

3. Sign up for a calligraphy workshop

Calligraphy has been trending as a hipster hobby and it’s not difficult to find courses to suit your level of proficiency. It’s a fun way to elevate your appreciation for good writing, even though we are hardly going to be writing in elegant script with a traditional fountain pen much in our daily lives.

4. Find examples that you admire

It’s a method that is used to pick up many other skills, be it singing, dancing or mixed martial arts. Try to imitate other people’s handwriting that you like, and then develop your own style from there.

5. Buy some good pens

Have you ever had that satisfying feeling when writing with a pen that glides so smoothly across the paper and produces just the right amount of ink? Recreate that experience by hunting down a similar pen. Tools are just as important as skill.

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