5 Ways To Counter Those Caffeine Jitters

Had one espresso shot too many? Here’s how to stop yourself from bouncing off the walls at work


Coffee — many of us can’t live without a couple of daily shots, but it’s also all too easy to suffer a caffeine overdose (not to mention caffeine’s also found in tea, certain soft drinks and even food such as chocolate). While it’s one thing to ride a java rush to finish that proposal due by the end of the day, it’s quite another to be tossing and turning in bed into the wee hours. If you’ve accidentally gone over your limit, here’s what you can do to get those palpitations in check.

1. Drink at least a litre of water.

You don’t have to glug it all down in one sitting — the caffeine can’t be flushed out instantly, but the water will help speed up the process (which typically takes 4 to 6 hours). Better than nothing.

2. Eat a full, balanced meal to help your digestive system break down the caffeine.

The key here is to have healthy grub — obviously, a mountain of chicken rice or a tower of prata will just leave you in a food coma.

3. Exercise.

This will help your body eliminate the caffeine faster, so get up and walk whenever you get the chance. A package waiting for you at the office reception? Go pick it up instead of having it delivered to your desk.

4. Munch on a banana.

It’s not scientifically proven, but many people seem to think that doing this helps. What it does is replace the potassium and electrolytes lost due to caffeine intake, which sets your body back in balance. And since bananas boost mood, too – why not?

5. Have some citrus fruits.

This will replace vitamins and minerals leached by caffeine from the body. So even if you can’t get to sleep, at least you won’t have to contend with dehydration.

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