5 Unusual Places You Can Get WiFi

Want to Instagram your selfie while on Mount Fuji? No problem


The Japanese government has recently announced plans to install a WiFi connection on Mount Fuji. Gratuitous social media postings aside, the Internet connection will actually make hiking up the mountain a whole lot safer, as climbers can check weather warnings and emergency news as they climb. For good or bad reasons, here are more unexpected places you can receive a WiFi signal

1. Mount Everest
Of course, the world’s tallest mountain boasts the highest WiFi hotspot in the world. Don’t worry though, you won’t get a wonky connection because of the altitude, the signal is built to support high-speed Internet connections and even HD video-calling.

2. Space
There are WiFi spots on both the Moon and the International Space Station (ISS). Also, those wealthy enough to travel on the world’s first commercial spaceline, VirginGalactic, might have access to the Internet, if the Virgin Group’s Richard Branson has anything to say about it.

3. Donkeys
At Kfar Kedem, a historical park in Isreal, you can experience life in ancient Galilee first-hand, with a 21st century twist. Knowing modern human beings can’t live without their Internet, wireless routers are slung around donkeys’ necks so you can Snapchat while exploring the area atop the animal.

4. Cemeteries
It’s a little creepy, but several cemeteries, like Oak Grove in the U.S. state of Kentucky, and San José in Granada, Spain, have free WiFi access.

5. Sheep
Researchers in North Wales have plans to equip sheep with a WiFi connection to prevent lost sheep and attacks on flock. It’s useful, but this desire to install Internet connections on animals is sort of worrying. 

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