5 Tricky Interview Questions & How To Tackle Them

How much should you reveal when an interviewer asks you to tell him about yourself?


No one is a natural pro at interviews. You’ll need to keep clear-headed, take hold of those nerves and more importantly, know how to spot and handle these sneaky questions designed to test your tact and EQ. Stay sharp here.

What is your biggest weakness/strength?

Every candidate’s natural instinct is to conceal her shortcomings. Don’t lie, but try to put a positive spin on your answer. Strengths are usually tied to weaknesses, so think about how you can turn things around. For example, if you tend to spend a long time completing certain work, it could be because you’re extra careful about making sure there are no mistakes.

Why do you think you’ll be successful in this job?

This is a chance to sell yourself, but with professionalism and specific relevance to the duties and requirements of the job. Don’t go bragging about past achievements or personality traits that bear little relation to the opening that you’re eyeing. As always, do as much research about the company as you can, so that you’re well-prepared.

Can you tell me about yourself?

Here’s a question you’ll usually get early on in the interview, and it can make or break the rest of the session. While the interviewer will be looking out for a well-composed answer, he’ll just as likely be listening in to the level of confidence in your delivery. Remember not to veer too deep into your personal life, and stay focused on traits that are of value to the company.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

No matter how tempted you are, never use this as an opportunity to bash your current employer. This not only shows you in a bad light but also becomes an indicator of how you could behave towards prospective employers. Instead, be positive and say that you’re looking for new challenges.

Where do you hope to be in three years?

If you’ve just graduated and are looking to land your first job, this is a question you’ll frequently be fielding. As ambitious as you may be, never, ever say that you want to become the head of the company or take over the interviewer’s position. Instead, look at the more-immediate goals that you hope to accomplish.

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