5 Tips For The Ultimate Instagrammable Meal

Everything you need to know about creating the most double-tapped food shots on Instagram


First, we had the selfie, then the wefie, but have we forgotten all about our food? While you and your group of friends are wonderful subjects for pictures, we know that you also give your breakfast, lunch or dinner some love on Instagram too. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving the most drool-worthy food shots, whether you’re dining in or out.

1. Colour Your Food

A good photo starts with a beautiful subject. If you’re whipping up something from scratch, try to add colourful ingredients to your dish or garnish with sprigs of herbs for that touch of green — just like how they do it at cafés and restaurants.

2. Decorate Your Table

If you post pictures of home-cooked meals, invest in nice cutlery to plate your food on. Get coloured plates to complement dishes with different colours and even wooden blocks or cutting boards to give your food a homely, rustic vibe. When out café-hopping, add interest to your coffee and cakes by arranging the table flowers for your picture and even your current read (psst, like ELLE)

3. All in the Angle

Getting the right angle for your photo is as important as finding out the “good” side of your face for selfies. (Think: Mariah Carey) A shot from a bird’s eye view is great because it allows people to see the dish in its entirety and the details around the plate like the aforementioned flowers and magazines. But if your meal has interesting details, like the colours of a rainbow cake slice or the runny yolk from your eggs benedict, try taking a closer shot from the side.

4. Light it Up

Lighting is crucial for any photograph, especially so for phone photos. Lighting can be easily controlled at home — just turn on more lights if it’s too dark inside. When out for dinner, using your camera flash to illuminate a shot outside will be too harsh, especially at night time, so get your friend to turn on her phone’s flashlight function and point the light towards your subject from a distance as you take your picture.

5. Don’t Forget to Edit

No picture is ready until it goes through various levels of editing. Most phones have pre-installed editing features, but you can also try apps like Whitagram or Afterlight to adjust the basic brightness, contrast and colour. The ever-popular VSCOcam is the to-go app if you need a variety of filters and effects — however choose carefully, because food looks best when naturally lit. If you want to create a photo collage, download apps like Moldiv. The best part — most mobile photo-editing software are available free of charge.

Photos: Drizzle and Dip via Pinterest

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