5 Things To Do For A Productive Week Ahead

Get your efficiency freak on!


Everyone's heading back  to the office after a long Public Holiday weekend, and chances are you're dreading what lies ahead: emails and a backlog of work that needed to be done last Friday. Rather than contemplate calling in sick, turn things around and actually enjoy a greater sense of achievement throughout the course of the week. Here's how.

#1 Prioritise your To Do list

It's not enough to write down the different tasks you want to complete. Look at each one and rank them in order of importance - from there, figure out how much time each one takes and schedule the order to do them.

#2 Time yourself

Focus on working on a task without allowing yourself any distractions (yes, I'm talking about Instagram and Facebook) for periods of 30 minutes. 

#3 Take more breaks

This sounds contradictory, but it's been proven that scheduling breaks is a good idea because it keeps you from being overwhelmed with the task at hand. Take a short stroll to the canteen for a drink, or give yourself five minutes to surf the web. You'll end up refreshed, and possibly with better ideas.

#4 Eyeball all your appointments and meetings

Many rely on their email or calendar systems to remind them about meetings and such, but getting the notify 15 minutes before the actual event can be disruptive. On Monday morning, make sure you jot down all your appointments for the week so you know what's in store. It'll also help you plan your work wardrobe better.

#5 Figure out when you're at your best

Not a morning person? Schedule meetings after lunch. Work best with minimal distractions from colleagues? Leave the heavy-going tasks for after office hours. Work around your own productivity levels for a more organised approach, and to complete your tasks more efficiently.

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