5 Smart Ways To Store Your Jewellery

Say goodbye to tangled chains and misplaced earrings


In this age of prudence, spending smart is the way to go. If you’ve splurged on good jewellery for yourself, it only makes sense to cut corners elsewhere - like when it comes to getting a jewellery organiser to store and show off those baubles. Why spend money on one when these household items give you a cooler (and cheaper) way to do it? Experiment with these novel methods now...you can thank us later.

Tea party

Own some pretty tea cups but never seem to have an occasion to use them? Place them in a shallow drawer as compartments for your baubles. 

Lights on

Here’s a quick way to add some interest to that boring white lampshade — “embellish” it with the best pieces from your earring collection.

Rustic elements

Twigs in recycled jars make an astonishingly chic combination. Best of all, they come free.

Take note of this

Cover a corkboard with fabric and put up your necklaces with pretty pushpins — a DIY job that looks classy and polished.


Accessories overhead

String your long chains and strands of pearls across wall ornaments - longer items tend to get entangled when stored bunched up in small compartments.

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