5 Snapchat Tricks You Should Know Now

In a few minutes, you can call yourself a pro


Just when we thought Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were too much to handle, along came Snapchat. With its fun filters, voyeuristic qualities and laid-back vibe, it’s no wonder so many of us have found the time and space to work Snapchatting into our already-busy social media schedules.

Still, it’s Now, if you want to rise the ranks and become as Snapchat-famous as Kylie Jenner and DJ Khaled, there are definitely a few tricks and hacks you need to know. Keep reading to find out what you might have been missing out on, and what you need to do to up your Snapchat game!

1. Use pastel shades, and black and white

When the paint tool is used, Snapchat on Android operating systems have a fully-fleshed out colour wheel while the colours black and white are mysteriously missing on iOS phones. To activate the black pen, simply click on the paint tool and drag your finger down to the bottom of the screen. To get white, click on the paint tool and drag your finger to the left of your screen. Dragging your finger to the left also reveals pastel versions of whatever shade you’re on. 

2. Use multiple filters at once

Ever wish you could rewind your Snapchat video and fast forward it, all at the same time? Well, now you can. All you have to do is select your first filter, hold it down by pressing onto the screen, then use another finger to swipe and select another filter. We’ve tested it out, and the maximum number of filters for an image is three (colour, geo-tag and distance/temperature/time filters), while you can use up to four filters on a video. You also have to turn on your location for this to work.

3. Write multiple lines of text

Is the word limit and lack of a ‘Enter’ function on Snapchat’s type tool cramping your style? Here’s a quick and simple hack to take your 10 second poems to another level. On a note-taking app — like Notes on iOS — create a few lines of blank space by hitting ‘Return’ a couple of times. Copy the empty lines and paste it into your Snapchat video or photo for more space to play with text.

4. Make emojis move with your video

While emojis were previously static, they can now move with your Snapchat video! Just select your emoji, and press hold until your screen pauses. What this does is attach the emoji to a particular part of your video, with which the emoji will move.

5. Create your own makeshift filter

If the colour filters provided on Snapchat aren't enough for you, here’s a really easy way to create your own. Take your picture or filter, and add an emoji in a colour you want. Then increase its size monumentally until the edges of the emoji pixelates. Drag the pixelated edges of the emoji (this might take a while to find) into the frame and you’ve got yourself a DIY filter. Increase and decrease the size of emoji to make the filter less or more saturated.

For more Snapchat tricks and tips, check out 12 Hours With A Snapchat Addict or Your Snapchat Stories Can Now Last Forever. For more on Living, head here

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