6 Reasons To Be Happy It’s Monday

This is one week you don’t have to feel blue


Another weekend has flown by - one no doubt jam-packed with Christmas shopping, screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and all the usual errands. Suddenly, you’re on the MRT to work again, jostling with thousands of other bleary-eyed commuters. 

But wait, this is not just any other Monday. Here are some instant mood boosters that will have you grinning right now. TGIM!

#1 It’s a short work week

This alone should have anyone doing cartwheels. Most offices only open three days this week – well, three and a half if you consider Thursday morning when no work will actually be done...

#2 We’re four days from Christmas, and a weekend of partying

Strategise now and decide this year’s approach to eating, drinking and making merry. We all know the term “everything in moderation” is really hard to execute this time of year, but try and plan your course of action anyway. Our tip: There’s always room for dessert.

#3 Today makes the rest of the week look more awesome

With the passing of each minute today, your happiness meter will rise and you’ll be smiling more. Nothing like a little anticipation to give you that extra buzz! 

#4 This is the best week to have fun with fashion

Plan a festive wardrobe this week, which will make a nice change from your predictable black-white-grey-neutral palette. Spread some festive cheer in reds, golds and greens. You’re sure to smile a little more as you get dressed.

#5 It’s the time to think about fun get-togethers

So many people to catch up with, so little time! Spend your work meetings thinking about how you can schedule a dinner here, a lunch there and more than a few drinks sessions. Or put off sending those emails to mentally savour what you’ll be handing out during that Secret Santa gift exchange. After all, you have an excuse: Christmas comes only once a year!

#6 Coffee doesn’t taste as good on any other day

Word! Be indulgent and ask for extra whipped cream.


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