5 Personality Quizzes That Will Guide You To Your Passion

No more wondering what is life’s purpose


Finding one’s calling doesn’t come easily to every person. Whether you’re a fresh graduate considering options for your very first job or someone who’s thinking about a mid-life career change, it helps to have some advice and enlightenment.

Unsure about the next step in your career? Before you go to a headhunter, try some of these quizzes and find out where you should head for maximum fulfilment.

1. Clarity on Fire

This quiz is designed to gauge the ideal relationship between your career and your life passions, and find out where you fit in the workplace. Are you a Firestarter, Tribe Member, Side Hustler or Thriver?

2. Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance Scale

Which side of your brain is more dominant? Knowing this will enlighten you as to which skill sets you are naturally better at. 

3. Pymetrics

This test measures your cognitive and social traits via a series of simple mind games. The results will tell you your exact strengths and weaknesses.

4. The Nerdy Personality Attributes Scale

Are you geeky enough to pursue a career in, say, research or science? Find out via this slightly wacky test.

5. The Pottermore Sorting Hat Test

A study published by Personality and Individual Difference has suggested that the Hogwarts house you are suited for is a representation of your personality type, which in turn could help you figure out the professions that are right for you. Just for a laugh — why not place the Sorting Hat on your head virtually via this quiz?

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