5 Handy Apps For The Frequent Traveller

These will take the grunt work out of all your trips


We love travelling but it can take a lot of sweat (and sometimes tears) to put plans together and figure things out in a foreign land. Thank goodness for technology that we can now take anywhere. Download these mobile apps that will make your trip more enjoyable from start to end.


Are you a hopeless luggage-packer? Then you absolutely need this brilliant app. It provides a customised checklist of travel essentials, depending on the nature of your trip. All you need to do is key in info such as your destination, length of stay and purpose of travel. Available for free for Android and iOS.

2. Work Hard Anywhere

Business travellers will love this app, which tells you where to find the best laptop-friendly cafés and workspaces recommended by freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world. Available for free for iOS.

3. LoungeBuddy

Gain access to hundreds of lounges around the world without having to fly first class. For a fee, you can also enjoy the luxe life while waiting for your flight. Loungebuddy tells you exactly which lounges are open to you and how much it’ll cost. Available for free for Android and iOS.

4. JetSmarter

Flying by private jet is no longer just a dream if you can part with $12,000. Become a JetSmarter member for that amount of money and you can search and book for flights via this app. Fly at no extra cost on scheduled private-jet flights, or go for more flexibility with a chartered flight, at additional charges. Available for free for Android and iOS.

5. Bonjournal

This minimalist digital travel journal app is made for the aesthete. Bonjournal weaves the stories and photos of your journey into a single, beautiful narrative so you’ll have a stylish log to keep at the end of the trip. Available for free for iOS.

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