5 Hacks To Maximise Your Netflix Experience

Guaranteed to intensify your viewing pleasure


So Netflix has landed in Singapore and looks set to take the art of being a couch potato to the next level. Imagine having hundreds of movies, documentaries, reality series and other shows at your fingertips! Yep, there’s no better time than now to add more cushions to your couch and pick up some microwave popcorn on the way home.

Wanna know what it’s like to have so much to watch and so little time (don’t say we didn’t warn you)? Click here for a free month-long trial. And while that’s being processed, you can get swotting on some tricks every Netflix user needs to know. 

#1 Widen your options

Movies and shows are restricted to specific countries, and variety can be limited. The best way around this? Unblockers like Mediahint and Hola that can double your viewing options as you access Netflix from other regions.

#2 Speed things up

Slow buffering speeds can be a real downer, so avoid that with this nifty trick: While streaming, press Shift + Alt + Left Mouse Click (PCs) or Shift + Option + Click (Macs). A new window will pop up to let you manually set your buffering rate and kiss streaming woes goodbye.

#3 Forget the mouse

Keyboard shortcuts are your new best friend. And we’ve done the homework for you - you’re welcome!

F = Full screen 
Shift + Left Arrow = Rewind; Shift + Right Arrow = Fast-forward
M = Mute
Up arrow = Volume up
Down arrow = Volume down
Enter = Play/pause
Page Up = Play
Page down = Pause
ESC = Exit full screen

#4 Get updated

Always be in the know, so you get to the goods first! Like the Netflix page on Facebook or bookmark WhatsNewOnNetflix.com or whats-on-netflix.com for a taste of what’s to come. You’ll also be notified about titles leaving Netflix so you can catch them ASAP.

#5 Have your movie picked for you

You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to what to watch, but that doesn’t always mean the search process will be easy. When you’re feeling a little lost and have no idea what to watch, spin the Netflix Roulette! The site offers a new suggestion each time you click the Spin button.

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