5 Hacks That Will Help You Perform Better At Work

Let today be the most productive day of your life


Ever felt like you’re super busy but, at the end of the day, haven’t completed much? Yeah, we feel you. It’s easy to confuse being busy for productivity, but the two are often not the same. While feeling busy can overwhelm you, productivity makes you feel accomplished - and it’s honestly not that hard to achieve. Here are some simple hacks that will change the way you work...and maybe even help you enjoy your job!

1. Visualise

Ever wake up panicking on Monday morning, the week’s to-dos running through your mind at lightning speed? You’re not alone. To combat the anxiety, wake up a few minutes earlier each day to meditate on and visualise the work day ahead and what you’re going to do (almost like a mini mental work rehearsal). Your mind will be more ready to get down to business the minute you step into the office, instead of being overwhelmed.

2. Go big early

It’s natural to want to start the day small with administrative tasks, but most of our energy and willpower peaks at the beginning of the day, making mornings the best time to try and complete the most important items on our to-do list. Getting your big projects over and done with means a weight off your shoulders early too, leaving only minor tasks that you can complete later without stressing out.

3. Set boundaries

Email is so annoying. Most of us usually spend almost half our workday clearing and replying it, leaving no time for more pressing tasks. Instead of reading each message every time your mailbox pings, allocate specific hours in your day to check it. You’ll feel more satisfied clearing a chunk of emails at one shot, and minimising distractions the rest of the time.

4. Try the Pomodoro

The Pomodoro, a time-management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, has proved to be a popular and effective way to improve concentration and productivity. Essentially, what you have to do is set a block of time (traditionally 25 minutes) to complete a particular task. When your alarm rings, take a short three- to five-minute break before returning to the task or starting on a new one. Regulating uninterrupted bursts of time to one project will help you focus and create momentum so you get into the work groove faster.

5. Put on your earphones

Even if you aren’t really listening to music, earphones are an effective way to cancel out chatter and noise around you, especially if you’re working in an office with an open-concept layout. With your earphones on, colleagues will be less inclined to approach you for a mid-day gossip sesh, so you’ll finally be able to fully concentrate on your work.

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