5 Foods That You Have Been Eating Wrongly

Are all those nutrients going down the drain?


You might be diligent about keeping your diet healthy, but did you know that you could be missing out on most of the benefits by preparing your food wrongly? Here are some mistakes that you could be making:

1. Flaxseeds

If you’ve been sprinkling these in their whole form into your smoothie or yoghurt, here’s news — all those omega-3s and lignans are simply passing straight through your system. Experts say that flaxseeds should be taken ground, which makes it easier for your body to digest them and absorb their nutrients. You can buy them pre-ground in supermarkets or, better still, grind them yourself with a flax mill.

2. Broccoli

How you prepare this veg for consumption will determine how much of its cancer-fighting benefits you get. Boiling or frying broccoli is a sure way of destroying most of its nutrients, while steaming it is the only way to ensure they are completely preserved.

3. Tea

The next time you make yourself a cup of tea, don’t add milk to it. Studies have shown that dairy may take away some of the cardiovascular benefits that tea offers. On the other hand, here’s one thing you should add to green tea — lemon juice. Citrus juices have been found to boost its antioxidant powers.

4. Garlic

Instead of chopping up garlic, crush it and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before starting your cooking. This helps to release the enzyme, allicin, within the garlic. Allicin reduces the risk of heart disease and boosts blood circulation by acting as a blood thinner.

5. Brown rice and whole grains

Unrefined grains contain antioxidant compounds called phytates, which can bind to vitamins and minerals in food and prevent them from being absorbed by the body. To get rid of phytates, grains should be soaked in water overnight or for at least 8 hours. At the same time, soaking helps grains release phytase, a beneficial enzyme that makes them more easily digestible. Talk about doing double duty.

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