5 Films To Make You Love The Environment More

Local celebs show us how it’s done


It’s World Environment Day (WED) on today, the biggest day for positive environmental action - have you decided how you’re going to play your part? 

If you have no clue, it’s time to be inspired by prominent faces such as founder and designer of fashion label Collate The Label Velda Tan; former ELLE Singapore cover personality and Fly Entertainment artiste Henry Golding; Lush 99.5FM producer and director of creative consultancy Present Purpose Tracy Phillips; Waku Ghin chef Tetsuya Wakuda; and TV host and former ELLE Singapore beauty editor Anita Kapoor.

The fab five are the faces behind a series of films in which they share how they make sustainability a part of their daily life. The films are part of coffee brand Nespresso’s commitment to inspire more people in Singapore to recycle. Kick off your personal green campaign now by watching them here!

Photos: wed2016.com  

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