5 Eye-Opening Facts About Farting

No, don't laugh - knowing them could even save your love life


Cutting the cheese in front of people can be embarassing, especially when what your body produces is a dynamic duo of sound and stench. How can you prevent unintentional rip-offs? Best you keep these facts in mind.

#1 Beer makes you fart more

Going on a date? Order wine, not beer. As they say, what goes in must come out - and carbonation is no exception. So avoid any unintentional toots by ordering flat beverages. Fizzy is not your friend!

#2 14 is the target to hit

How can you tell if you're healthy? You fart about 14 times a day. 

 #3 Eggs and meat cause smellier farts

Do you have an important work presentation coming up? The last thing to eat before that is a food containing high levels of sulphur. these include cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, onions, nuts and meat like poultry. So step away from that plate of popiah, aloo gobi or satay.

#4 Holding farts in is bad for your health

When your body tries to dispel gas and you won't let it, the trapped air needs to find a place to go, so it pushes upwards into your digestive tract. the result? It swells up like a balloon causes discomfort and a bloated stomach. It may aklso cause unnecessary cramps and pain. So please, nip into the bathroom or a quiet area and find sweet release.

#5 Female farts actually smell worse

We've all done it, girls - denied the release of a fart. And sadly, we will always be called out on it, simply because we're programmed to let rip smellier toots. Why? Our bodies naturally contain higher levels of hydrogen sulfide, that gas that smells like rotten eggs.

One way around this? Fart deodorising undies from Shreddies, a UK company with products that contain an activated carbon lining to absorb all flatulence odours. It also helps to get a generous top-up of probiotics every day.

Photos: somecards.com, jezebel.com

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