5 Easy Ways To Heal A Sunburn Faster

A little effort equals a lot less pain


Dang those super-cute inflatable floats for luring you out to the beach. You knew that trouble was coming when you dozed off on the gigantic pineapple that was surprisingly much more comfy to lie on than it looks.

Now that the damage is done and your skin has turned an angry scarlet, what can you do besides wait for it to gradually peel? Try these easy solutions that will help it to heal.

1. Drink up

Your body is likely to be dehydrated after a long day in the sun. Top it up with plenty of water to help it counteract the effects of UV damage.

2. Use a cold compress

Sunburnt skin is inflamed and feels hot to the touch. Soaking a towel in cold water then laying it over the affected area will soothe and cool it. This is something you can do right after the burn.

3. Take medication

If the burn’s real bad and you can seriously feel the soreness, take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, which you can get over-the-counter.

4. Stay away from soap

All that foaming action will further irritate already-damaged skin. We know it’s impossible not to shower, but instead of your regular shower gel, get yourself to Watsons and pick up a low-foaming, emollient alternative to tide you through this period while your skin recovers.

5. Keep moisturising

Skin needs moisture to heal itself, so diligently slather on body lotion. This will help speed up the healing process and lower the impact of the damage you’ve accidentally inflicted. An aloe formula is good soothing option.

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