5 Easy Ways To Have A Cooler Monday

After a scorching-hot weekend, it's time to learn the rules of the chilling game


If you checked your weather app (like practically the whole island did) over the weekend, you may have wondered if you were in another country. Temperatures hovered at around 36 degrees Celsius, but with humidity, apps stated that it felt like 45 — horrors! It was a terrible time to have a BBQ, eat bingsu or generally leave the confines of any air-conditioned room. 

News reports say this terrible heatwave isn't going to let up any time soon, so we say proactive steps have to be taken, pronto. Put that tub of melting ice cream down, and consider these 5 suggestions instead.

#1 Drink more water

This is a no-brainer, but many still fail to practice this golden rule: Sip water consistently throughout the day, especially if you're outdoors. You sweat because your temperature rises — so keeping hydrated is important. Dehydration brings on headaches, which will ruin the rest of your day. Remember: don't wait till you're thirsty, because that would be a little too late.

#2 Learn the art of improv

No air-conditioning, or worse still, your overworked air-conditioner met with an untimely death and the repairman is only available in three or four days' time? It feels like the end of the world but don't start hyperventilating (that will only bring your body temp up, silly!) — just make sure you play it smart and create a conducive sleep environment for yourself. Consider setting up a DIY air-conditioner by placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan, or placing your sheets and thin blanket into a ziplock bag to be frozen for hours. When it's time for bed, you'll be smiling as you fall asleep.

#3 Cool your car down more quickly

Don't panic if you can't find an indoor lot and end up parking al fresco — which means returning to what feels like a blazing oven after lunch. Rather than suffer as you get blasted by hot air from the car AC, try this trick favoured by the Japanese to douse the invisible flames rising from your leather seats, steering wheel and dashboard: When you get to your car, wind down the window on the driver's side, and open the shut the passenger side door several times. What this does is introduce cooler air into the car, an expel the hot air that's been trapped in there. You'll look like a crazy person, but it'll be worth the effort, promise.

#4 Give your pulse points some TLC

When it's not always possible to duck into the nearest mall for some respite, practice simple tricks to chill out. To do this, you need to recognise your body's pulse points, which also act 'cool' spots — the neck, the wrist, the inner thighs and the area just above your ears. Applying a damp wet wipe or a wet scarf to these areas can help cool down your body temperature, reducing irritability.

#5 Opt for cold foods

You'll be surprised how effective this can be in keeping you cool. Delicious options to consider include gazpacho, salads, ​hibachi chuka (chilled ramen noodles), Vietnamese rice paper rolls or sushi. Step away from the steamboat and the tom yum goong.

Photos: oknation.net, macaronmagazine.com, gobdp.com, bonnenuitlinen.com, bitrebels.com

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