4 Ways To Unsend An E-mail

Great alternatives to the “Recall This Message” function, which doesn’t really help us much



We’ve all committed that e-mail gaffe, whether it’s accidentally addressing a snarky note about a colleague to that particular colleague in question, or neglecting to correct an embarrassing typo. That’s why Gmail’s new Undo Send feature, to us, is the best innovation of the year. But did you know that there are other programs that could work the same magic?

Google Undo Send

This feature basically delays the actual sending of an email by up to 30 seconds (settings at 5, 10 and 20 seconds are also available) so that you have a short, though crucial timeframe, to act on any regrets. You’ll have to remember to enable the function in your Gmail settings though, before you get trigger-happy. Free.


A plug-in for the Safari or Chrome browser that works with Gmail, Criptext works differently from Undo Send. As long as the offensive e-mail hasn’t been read, the programme can ensure that it will never be. How so? Text in the e-mail will be converted to a picture file, or you can have it erase everything so that the recipient will see it as a blank e-mail. Free, download at www.criptext.com/email/


This operates like Criptext  — in that it also converts the contents of the e-mail into a picture. What’s better about it? It’s compatible with most other e-mail service providers other than Gmail, or you can set up e-mail clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail to work through its server. Free, sign up at http://unsend.it


This e-mail add-on allows you to encrypt files and messages so they can only be accessed by the intended recipient, who will need to verify his identity. You can even decide to revoke access later on, if need be. Virtru works with webmail, e-mail clients, on the iPhone as well as Android platforms. The only downside is that it isn’t free, though a 14-day trial is available. US$2.50 a month, at www.virtru.com



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