4 Blister Prevention Tricks For Stiletto Wearers

Because the reality is, pain-free heels do NOT exist


While we love buying heels, breaking them in is a far less enjoyable an activity. Just ask any girl who’s learned her lesson the painful way and now carries a stack of Band-Aids in her handbag for blister emergencies. What’s more, the scars that are left take an eternity to heal.

But what’s a girl got to do when she comes across a pair of heels that are to die for? Do you really have to suffer for the sake of style? Maybe not - these tips for preventing blisters could just have you walking on air.

1. Lube your feet before you wear your shoes

Rub some body lotion or Vaseline over your feet before putting on your shoes and you’ll find that there’s significantly less chafing. Or get a product like Foot Glide – this anti-blister stick balm isn’t as slick and messy as petroleum jelly and is packaged in a convenient twist-up stick.

2. Go up half to one size

Be smart when buying heels – check for straps that cut into awkward areas of the feet (they may not hurt while you’re trying them on, but are sure to give you hell when you wear them for real), and go up half to one size when buying pointed heels to give your poor toes more space (see point no. 4 on how to perfect the fit).

3.  Pad your heels for a better fit

Insoles and heel liners are a heel-wearer’s best friends. They improve the fit of your shoes so that your feet don’t slip and slide around in them, reducing friction on skin and thus preventing blisters. Since none of us have perfectly symmetrical feet, these shoe implements can also help fill in the size difference.

4. Loosen your shoes with a hairdryer

We’ve mentioned how a hairdryer is a wonder tool. Here’s how you can use it to loosen new leather shoes: Blow-dry (on the mid-level temperature setting) the tight parts of your shoes for a minute or two, then wear and walk around in them until they are cool. This will loosen up the leather.

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