4 Apps That Can Replace Your Personal Trainer

Whip that booty into shape with the help of technology


“I don’t have time.” “The gym’s too far away.” “Membership’s way too costly.”

Oh, come on - it’s only the 12th day of the new year. Are you already finding excuses to get out of your fitness resolution?

Actually, the answer to that problem is right at your fingertips...literally! Yes, all the help you need to get that a** moving can be found in the following mobile apps.

Not only do they make exercising so much more convenient and affordable, they can also be customised to provide the motivation you need. All it takes are a few taps and swipes on your mobile screen — yep, the first step towards a fitter you is easier than you thought.

1. Fitmo

Your link to freelance coaches around the world, Fitmo literally puts a personal trainer in your pocket. You’ll be communicating directly with the coach of your selection via video call or text messages, while following a fitness programme that he or she will tailor for you. Just compare the price of this app’s subscriptions (starting from US$8 a month) to the hundreds of dollars that hiring a personal trainer at the gym will cost — there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give Fitmo a go.

2. Carrot Fit

Your “judgemental fitness overlord”, the hilarious Carrot, is just a download away. She’ll do whatever it takes — including threatening, ridiculing and bribing you — to help you flatten that festive food baby, which is starting to look like it’s here to stay. Try the 7 Minutes in Hell Workout, which will see you travelling through time, escaping from attack ostriches, and punching Justin Bieber in his pretty face.

3. Sworkit 

Choose from over 20 pre-built workouts — no equipment required — available on this app, and zoom in on the parts of the body you want to target. You can also customise your own training programme from these and set your preferred time limit. Everything is based on video demos by professional trainers, which means you’ll get verbal instructions and cues.

4. Nike + Training Club

You’re already a huge Nike fan, so why not put your gear to the test with the brand’s own fitness app? With over 100 workouts crafted by Nike master trainers, it caters to every fitness level. What’s more, the app tracks your progress and also plays your music picks to keep you pushing on in workout mode. Bonus: The videos are beautifully shot and the app stylishly designed, as expected of every Nike product.

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