4 Apps That Can Digitise Your Wardrobe

Get your closet as organised as a filing cabinet


Are you a morning person? ’Cause I’m definitely not. However, I can hit the snooze button, scramble out of bed and into the shower, then do my hair and makeup in 15 minutes flat. The whole sequence of events is pretty impressive and would make good material for one of those Japanese game shows...except that when it comes to getting dressed, it’s a whole different story.

My wardrobe over the years has turned into a monster straight of out a Steven Spielberg movie. Things go missing when I most desperately need them, only to re-appear again when I don’t. More often than not, I end up spending more time locating the specific garments I need than actually getting dressed.

If you can relate to this in any way, let me introduce you to four apps that will make getting ready an easier affair - by helping you digitise your closet and plan your outfits in advance. Never will you have to run for the bus or skip breakfast again.

1. Closet+

I know what you’re thinking — uploading items one by one onto the app itself seems like a lot of effort. But that’s where you’re wrong. With Closet+’s bulk-import feature, you’ll have your digital closet up and ready in no time. You can build outfits super quickly using the Item Grid and navigate the app at lightning speed, thanks to the gesture-driven user interface. P.S: You can even plan your outfits ahead of time by adding items and outfits to the built-in calendar.

2. Stylebook

The coolest thing about Stylebook? It’ll help you become your own stylist. Get creative with the existing items in your own wardrobe and gain a clearer view of how well, say, that cute bag you’ve been eyeing online would pair with most of your outfits. And for days when your outfit ideas don’t seem to be working out, just take a peek at what others are wearing in the Inspiration section.

3. Netrobe

Can’t get your luggage-packing act together? Well then, say hello to Netrobe, your new best friend. With the Virtual Suitcase function, you can easily plan the contents of your suitcase ahead of time — all you need to do is drag together clothes and accessories from the selection you’ve already digitally stored in the app. The next step is to just head home, chuck them all in your suitcase and hop on the next flight out. How convenient is that?

4. Cloth

Unlike the other apps that help you organise individual items, Cloth lets you take pictures of entire ensembles. It’s sort of like your very own #ootd lookbook. What’s even sweeter is that you can sort them out into different categories like evening, work and everyday looks. A total no-brainer.

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