20 Slang Terms To Master Today

Here’s the cheat sheet even millennials can use


It’s official: When it comes to contemporary slang, “bae”, “squad”, “I can’t even” and “on fleek” are well on their way to losing street cred.

Generation Z has spoken, and the slang vocabulary has morphed again. Still using “yolo” or “totes” as well? Time for a refresher — here’s what to use now that’s goals AF.

1. Sis

The new bro.

Suggested use: Get out of my face, sis, I’m just doing my job!

2. Goals AF

The new “goals”; denotes an aim or achievement.

Suggested use: Her Snapchat video is goals AF! I can’t stop watching it.

3. Hunties

The new biatch, but denoting best friends or #girlsquad members.

Suggested use: Can’t wait to party with my hunties tonight!

4. Sus

Short for “suspect”, meaning sketchy or shady.

Suggested use: Did you see the look they exchanged? That was sus.

5. Extra

Used to describe someone who’s trying too hard or being OTT.

Suggested use: I know she’s trying to impress us, but her approach is so extra.

6. Stan 

Another word for fan.

Suggested use: I stan Tay Tay forever or I’ve been stanning Tay Tay since her first album.

7. n00b

An ignorant or silly person.

Suggested use: You don’t know what you’re talking about, so shut up, you n00b.

8. Boots

Added to the end of an adjective or verb for emphasis.

Suggested use: I’m pissed boots!

9. Snatched

The new ‘on fleek’, or anything that looks really good or on point.

Suggested use: Those kicks are snatched! Where did you buy them?

10. Perf

Short for “perfect”, but also conveys agreement to a cause or plan.

Suggested use: Check out her OOTD, it’s perf!

11. OTP

Short for “One True Pairing” or the perfect couple you admire.

Suggested use: My OTP is Channing and Jenna. If they break up, I can’t even.

12. AMA

Short for “Ask Me Anything”.

Suggested use: I heard about last night, and I’m here if you wanna talk. AMA.

13. Throw shade

To insult or judge.

Suggested use: I was only being honest when I told her she needs an attitude change, but she got mad and threw shade at me.

14. Yasss

A dramatic version of yes, denotes approval or excitement.

Suggested use: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yasss!

15. Zero chill

To become agitated or frustrated.

Suggested use: It was clearly her fault, yet she made a scene. The girl’s got zero chill!

16. The struggle is real

Reflects annoyance, or how there is a tough problem being faced.

Suggested use: I forgot my mobile charger today and had to limit my Instagram posts. That was hard! The struggle is real.

17. Ship

Short for “relationship”, it conveys a desire for two people to get together.

Suggested use: Miley and Liam are true soul mates. I will always ship them.

18. Watch Netflix and chill

Hook up slang, where an intention to hang out does not involve wifi or watching anything on a screen.

Suggested use: My parents are out, wanna come over to watch Netflix and chill?

19. Rekt

Meaning “wrecked” or basically, destroyed.

Suggested use: Wow, she didn’t see it coming and she got rekt!

20. Basic

Meaning lacking in originality.

Suggested use: Who orders a café latte any more? That’s so basic.

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