16 Things We Overheard At The Madonna Concert

Let’s just say it was an evening to remember


It was close to 9pm when Madonna took to the stage last night at the Singapore Sports Hub, a mere hour after the stated starting time (“mere” because fans in the Philippines had to endure a three-hour wait).

And Her Madgesty was in fine, provocative form. The 25,000-strong crowd was roundly blasted with a torrent of F-bombs, a healthy amount of stripping and the sight of the Material Girl strutting up and down the stage like only she can.

All this to an 18-song set that included classic hits like Deeper & Deeper, an acoustic True Blue and Like A Virgin given a fresh spin through musical re-arrangement (then sadly delivered through a sub-par sound system).

But the true audio gold last night? The comments heard within the cavernous stadium, both from Madonna herself and the crowd. Here’s a sampling of what went down.


“I heard Madonna is going to start one hour late leh!” “Har?! Then like that how! Lucky I got take leave tomorrow.”
“Yah lor! But she better not finish too late, wait no more MRT!” -- Two female concert-goers being very, uh, practical


“It’s a little bit hot in here. I’m gonna take some of my clothes off! Hope you don’t mind!” -- Why did Madonna even bother asking?


“Wah, her legs are damn sexy.” -- Female fan to her supremely bored male partner, who was playing a game on his phone and proving that straight guys don’t make up the Queen of Pop’s main fan base


“It’s so hot up here. Are you sweating as much as I am? Let me see your armpits right now!” -- The moment Madonna demanded an answer...and we held our breath as the crowd lifted its arms 


“I’m gonna sing you special people a song about love and I want you to sing along. C’mon people, don’t make me do all the work!” -- No such thing as a free song, according to Madonna


“Nobody f*cks with the Queen.” -- Madonna getting literal before launching into Like A Virgin


“I heard the government was informed of everything she would be doing in the concert beforehand.” -- Self-important male fan announcing to everyone within earshot 


Wah lau, pay so much money, the stage so far! Can’t see anything!” -- An irate male fan dressed to party in a bright pink sequinned jacket upon finding out he was extremely far from the party


“Hello, hello... You’re blocking me, can sit down?” -- Annoyed fan to another dancing up a storm in front of her. Annoyed fan, for the record, was blatantly ignored


“And now, it’s just me, with my Singapore fans.” -- Madonna managed to make the cavernous setting feel somewhat intimate as her dancers headed off the stage before she sang Crazy For You


“Can I use the F-word around here? Thank god, because I’ve been trying not to swear all night!” -- Madonna with a smirk


“Catch, motherf*ckers! Very good, you all get a gold star!” -- Madonna being naughty AND nice to her backup dancers as she lobbed a pair of maracas at them


“Sometimes, alcohol helps you make the right decisions.” -- Madonna taking yet another swing (or is it swig?) at her concert protestors


“Sometimes, it’s a long journey to the top. Sometimes, it’s short. But I like it long. Thirty-two years to make it to the top, motherf*ckers!” -- Madonna, to loud cheers 


“You guys...get some English classes!” -- Obviously Madonna was not impressed by our standard of English


Ai kee jiak muay mai (shall we go for Teochew porridge)?” -- What Singapore concert-goers do post-concert (apart from high-tailing it to the MRT station)

Photos: Willie Yeo

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