15 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following For Free

Your post has just a few hours to make an impact, so maximise that time with these tips


#1 Link your Facebook and Instagram accounts – it provides instant access to all your friends who are likely to automatically follow you. 

#2 Use popular hashtags, which will let other Instagrammers discover your posts more quickly. High on the popularity list are #love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #me and #tbt. Also, avoid long hashtags like #ohmygodcanthisdaybeanyhotter or #imstarvingwhyisntmyfoodhereyet. 

#3 Facebook users tend to Like pictures, but Instagrammers prefer to leave comments. So along with your posts, leave call-to-action invites such as “Send me an emoji if this made you laugh”. Similarly, leave complimentary or thoughtful comments on other users’ pages. You may get noticed, and they may check out your page and follow you in return. 

#4 It’s been said that certain filters attract more eyeballs, so go ahead and alternate between Lo-fi, Hefe, Valencia, X-Proll and Sierra. Normal ranks highly too.

#5 Use hashtags known to help increase followers, including #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes and #followback.

#6 Use tools like Piqora (piqora.com) or crowdfire (crowdfireapp.com), which track and analyse your Instagram performance so you know what photos get the most attention and who your core audience is. 

#7 A picture may paint a thousand words, but providing a story doesn’t hurt. Explain the funny expression on your cat’s face, or let others know how a handbag that you’re lusting for is part of a to-be-launched accessories collection. 

#8 What kind of photos make the biggest impression on Instagram? Highly personal ones which are hard to replicate. While you may want to upload pretty, stylised photos that take countless fussing and arrangement, focus also on photos that convey emotion and your personality.

#9 It’s been said that the best time for postings is Wednesdays, between 5pm and 6pm. Also, consider saving more posts for Sundays, which is said to see the lowest number of posts. Posting then may get your images more visibility.

#10 Attended a ‘live’ event and have the pictures to show for it? Tag well-known Instagrammers you’ve spotted in the crowd, and you could score higher visibility if your photo is used in reposts and shares.

#11 In your quest for more followers, remember that posting pictures too frequently is not the way. No one likes their feed flooded with insipid posts and mediocre photos, created just because. Experts say one post every six hours is ideal. 

#12 Ask your influential Instagrammer friends to tag your photos or mention you in posts, which may gain you new followers. Better yet, get him or her to do an Insta Takeover to build a new following.

#13 Why post just one photo? Create a collage of your favourite snaps for maximum engagement. 

#14 Don’t have a good picture to share? Post an inspirational quote instead. These generally do well, especially the monochrome ones. 

#15 Where possible, post photos of things that are blue in colour. It’s been said, based on research, that such photos receive 24 per cent more likes than photos in orange or red.

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