12 Hours With A Snapchat Addict

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You know that one annoying friend you have who Snapchats literally everything? That’s me. I’m 19, and addicted to Snapchat. Or so I’ve been told. I personally don’t actually think so, but as they say, denial is the first stage.

Snapchat to me is social media at its realest, rawest and simplest – a peek into everyday life. And such a breath of fresh air from the usual projections of what we want people to see. Unlike everyone else around me, I don’t quite see the problem with the things I do for Snapchat. 

Like restraining my friends, even if violence is necessary, so I can take a photo of their food. Because seriously, who pays twenty bucks for food at a café just to gobble it all down, right? Or using Snapchat for subtle revenge (posting a candid photo with the ugliest filter does the job!) because I’m angry with my friend who was late for our appointment by 20 minutes.  

A typical day in my Snapchat- filled life looks a little like this. Happy reading!

8.05 AM   I’ve just woken up and of course, the world needs to know.

Tip: Snapchat has come up with date stamps. Swipe left till you reach the standard timestamp filter, and then tap on it to change from the time to date. Or, swipe left for the temperature filter, and tap to switch it between Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.

8.15 AM   I spend 10 minutes catching up on everything I missed while I was asleep and respond to anything interesting. I love how I can go without speaking to a friend for weeks, but feel like I’ve hung out with them every day just through their Snapchat stories. I’m always kept in the loop, even if my friend does something crazy like dye her hair GREEN. Yes, that actually happened overnight.  #fastgame

Tip: To reply to your friend’s snaps, just swipe upwards at the “chat” icon at the bottom of the screen. No more waiting for the entire story to be over.

9.00 AM Waiting for the bus becomes a little less boring when you perv your own shoes. Also is there a better platform out there for #shoefies? I think not.  

Tip: Use emojis to add life to your snaps by clicking on the sticker icon (extreme left) on the top right after taking a photo. Pinch with two fingers to make the icon grow or shrink, and slide it to wherever you want it to be.

12.10 PM There’s no meal that goes un-snapped – even things that don’t belong on picture-perfect Instagram get their spotlight on Snapchat. Fast food chains and hawker centres fight fair with cafés here.

12.46 At lunchtime, there’s nothing like a good face-swap to get a few laughs. It’s one of the newer filters and we don’t know how long more we’ll have this little gem, so might as well go OTT.  

Tip: Pretend you’re taking a selfie, but press your finger down on the screen till it recognises your face. Once that’s done, a row of lenses will appear. Swipe till the end for the face swap lens. From there, make sure both faces are in the designated circle and you should see an instant change.

4.30 PM For the rest of the afternoon, I actually do some work but before long, Snapchat withdrawal sets in. I send a few snaps to my sister, and she sends some back. Usually, they are of her adorable little girls, Keira and Michaela.

6.30 PM Dinner time usually calls for more snaps, especially if it’s in a place as cute as this. Just by the look of it, I could tell I was in for some kick-ass street food and craft beers.

6.40 PM I show some love for whoever I’m out with. Today, it’s my best friend Nicole. (This is the subtle revenge I mentioned earlier, btw).

8.15 PM  None of my Snapchat stories are complete without shots of my dog, Muffin. She doesn’t do much but somehow I find something new to talk about each day. Today, it’s how she’s obese and what her struggles are.

10 PM Convos become a whole lot more interesting with stickers!  

Tip: When you open a private chat, just click on the smiley face icon at the bottom right of the screen. Snapchat even allows you to send photos and videos from your photo gallery (first and third icon from the right), make calls by tapping on the phone icon (second from the right) or pressing down on it to record an audio message. Seriously, it’s the only app we’ll ever need!


11 PM At the end of the day, it all comes down to what truly matters in life: my Snapchat score and trophy case.

Tip: To check your Snapchat score, tap on the ghost icon at the top of the screen when in camera mode. What you see (left picture) should appear and your score would be under your username. Your score is the combined number of snaps sent and received. Tap on the trophy icon and you’ll see how many trophies you’ve collected. Tap on it to find out what it’s for.

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