10 Unexpected Trivia From The Huntsman: Winter's War

Like how Chris Hemsworth stole something from set…


Put everything you think you know about the Huntsman series aside, because it’s back, bigger and better than ever, as The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

The most obvious difference is, of course, Kristen Stewart (who played Snow White in the first film) is not in this flick. Neither is Rupert Sanders, who directed the Snow White and the Huntsman.

This time around, the focus is on Eric The Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth, and how he came to become the greatest fighter of the realm, and the events that followed the fall of Ravenna The Evil Queen (Charlize Theron). So yes, this is a prequel and sequel, all rolled into one.

New faces in the series include Emily Blunt, who plays Ravenna’s estranged sister Freya The Ice Queen, and Jessica Chastain, who plays Sara, Eric’s long-thought-to-be-dead wife.

With so many new, exciting additions, what else can we expect from The Huntsman: Winter’s War? We talked to the stars while they were here in Singapore (Sentosa, specifically) for some a behind-the-scenes look.

1. Chris Hemsworth is not the star of the movie

Even though his character is the protagonist, Chris Hemsworth female co-stars play roles so strong, they sometimes steal the show.

“We should rename it, Chris Hemsworth Gets Beat Up By Women,” a fellow interviewer said jokingly. We’ve watched the movie and we’ve got to say, the huntsman really does get his ass kicked a lot .

2. The Evil Queen Ravenna is really just misunderstood

“I’ve never thought of Ravenna as a bad person. We’ve set up circumstances for her so that you can understand where she came from. She lost her mother at a very young age, got married to this king who was just replacing an older woman, and was raised by her mother telling her that the only way to survive is by cashing on the currency that is power. I think when you think about it in those terms she’s kind of sad,” said Charlize Theron about her character.

3. Charlize Theron asked to vomit black goo

There’s a scene in The Huntsman: Winter’s War where The Evil Queen Ravenna spits out black goo which Charlize revealed was her own idea.

4. And Jessica Chastain scarred herself on purpose

Her character, Sara, at least. She begged director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan to give Sara a scar on her face, saying “There are so many love interests where the woman is supposed to be perfect, and I find scars, or anything that makes you different, so beautiful. So I just thought if this woman is a fighter, she’d have scars.”

5. Charlize Theron doesn't believe she's playing a 'strong woman'

One interviewer asked Theron if playing strong women is a conscious effort, and boy, did she have something to say. We’ll just leave the whole spiel here, because it’s that awesome.

“I think it’s a bit of a misconception that women are either strong or weak. There’s never a part of me as a woman that has looked at any of the women I’ve played in my career and compartmentalise them like that.

It’s interesting; when people ask me ‘Are you a strong person or are you vulnerable? Do you like to wear jeans or gowns?’, I’m like, I’m all of those things. For so long we’ve just been portrayed as one or two things, and the idea that we can be just as conflicted, dark, vulnerable and strong as men, but in a different, female way has been left behind in the exploration of film.

And I will tell you this, in 20 years of being an actress, never have I heard somebody ask a man that question in a press junket.”

You go girl!

6. Chris Hemsworth would be a fan of Chris Hemsworth

“I’m super proud of myself and who I am. I think we’d be friends,” said Chris Hemsworth. How about a crossover movie where Thor meets the Huntsman instead?

7. Chris found his female co-stars intimidating

You’d think someone as big and macho as Chris Hemsworth (who has played both a god and a master axe-wielding fighter) wouldn’t be afraid of anything, but he has one weakness — his co-stars.

“I was intimidated by all of them, especially when they were in character and the camera was rolling. They were all so intense.”

Something else Hemsworth is scared of: Sharks, with which he has a love-hate relationship with.

“I’m afraid of sharks. There are a lot of them where I live and it’s the number one place in the world for shark attacks. But I also admire them — I think they’re fascinating and beautiful creatures essential for the survival of the planet.”

8. You might catch Jessica Chastain watching the movie with you

Because she’s done it before. For the 2012 film Zero Dark Thirty, which Chastain starred in, she bought tickets to watch it and sat at the back of the theatre.

“I wouldn’t sit through the whole movie, I’d go in at the last thirty minutes to watch people watch the film.”

9. The Huntsman: Winter’s War is not going to be as depressing as the first movie

While the first instalment of the series, Snow White and the Huntsman was dubbed dark and depressing, the prequel/sequel promises to be a more light-hearted, comedic flick, even as it touches on subjects like betrayal, death and war.

10. Chris stole something off The Huntsman: Winter’s War set

After filming wrapped, the actor sneakily brought home the huntsman’s two axes. When asked if he preferred the huntsman’s axes or Thor’s hammer, Hemsworth said, “Probably the axes. You can do more with those like spin them on your fingers, whereas the hammer’s just…meh.”

Catch The Huntsman: Winter’s War in cinemas from today, 14 April onwards.

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