10 Things You Didn’t Know Siri Can Do

They’re all awesome


As we wait in anticipation for the launch of iOS10 in the upcoming months (we want that bacom emoji, bad!), it seems there's more to look forward to than faster processing speeds and new features.

Siri, the gender- and accent-swapping wonder (make the changes in Settings-General-Siri-Siri Voice), will be doing a lot more for you. It's been said that one new function would be to help take your calls, and transcribe the exchange into a text message that will be sent to you.

For now, we're content to enjoy the suite of currently capabilities available. And what an impressive suite it is - are you already maximising Siri's potential? Here are 10 awesome options.

1. Give you specific reminders

Never miss a task to call someone at 2pm, or pick up the drycleaning by 5pm.

2. Make social media posts

Give an instruction such as“Post to Facebook". You'll be prompted about what you’d like to say. Dictate your post, then send when Siri confirms your message. 

3. Do your Math

Forget punching in any numbers on your calculator app - Siri can tell you how much each person has to pay for the huge lunch you and your five colleagues just had. Or convert kilograms to pounds. 

4. Suss out Wifi hotspots

Ask, and you'll get a map pinpointing the various locations around you.

5. Be a DJ

Do you drive with your iPhone plugged into your car stereo system? Siri can help you play whatever song you like. Even on repeat.

6. Check dates

Planning a party and want to know what day aug 11 is? Just ask Siri.

7. Be your calorie counter

Trying to decide between a Reuben sandwich and baked pasta? There's one quick way to find out.

8. Find info in two shakes

Too lazy to trawl through your emails to find out the name of that client you have to meet at 4pm? siri will do the job - just ask 'find email with 4pm meeting the subject line'.

9. Call you by another name

Beautiful. Princess. Your Highness. It can be any name you want!

10. Read you your latest text

This is especially useful when you're driving. You can even dictate a reply, Siri will send it along.

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