10 Rules For Making The Best Cocktails

Up your drinks game with advice from a master mixologist


Everyone loves a good cocktail, especially one that that you can easily mix up at home. But here’s the problem – we seem to be stuck making the same old classics that are beginning to turn our dinner parties into a bore. Want to shake up your mixology repertoire? Take a few tips from master mixologist and Perrier ambassador Laurent Greco.

1. There must be a story behind it

If you can't explain your drink or it has no story behind it, it has no flavour, no taste, no personality. The story doesn't need to be long, but there must be one.

2. It should be memorable

The drink has to offer a whole experience for the guest - it shouldn't just taste good; it has to look and smell good too.

3. Aim for inspired flavours

Eat, travel, love life - that's what I do and that inspires me to create as a mixologist. For instance, after I ate satay in Singapore, I was wondering how to get those flavours in a glass.

4.  Build on the classics

When making a cocktail, classics are a good base. They've been around for, what, around 200 years? They promise familiar flavours - this gives your audience something they know. But at the same time, why not introduce a new ingredient for some shock value? Just don't be too adventurous; if you try too hard, your guests will just want champagne.

5. Get with the times

Knowing the classics is good but don't just stick to them. I've seen that at bars here. Come on guys, it's 2016! I like old-fashioned drinks but I'd say don't base everything on them.

6. Play with ingredients

Consider using natural carbonated spring water like Perrier, or maybe peanut butter. If I tell you I'm going to make a drink with fish eyes, you're going to be like: "Oh, my God!". But I'll add some raspberries, too, and you'll give it a chance. Balance, it's all about balance!

7. Don't be sexist

Not all men want hard drinks like whisky, and not all women just want strawberries and champagne. Don't assume!

8. Don't overcomplicate matters

Keep things simple or you'll confuse the palate. I don't believe in formulas, but the more ingredients you add to a drink, the more you're going to cause confusion. Keep flavours straight to the point.

9. Have some fun

People sometimes forget that. This rule should apply to anyone having a cocktail. Like using quality ingredients, having fun is important.

10. Embrace your culture

Go out tonight, and you'll realise there are very few bars in Singapore with a local touch in their menu. You've got beautiful products here. Use local and be proud of your culture. I go to the market and it's full of fruits. Why don't you use a bit of that in your drinks?

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