10 Kooky Ice Cream Flavours To Try

We spend National Ice Cream Day discovering some of the craziest flavours around the world



1. Creamed Cod

Perhaps it’s fitting that this ice cream flavour comes from a fish and chips shop, specifically George’s Portobello Fish Bar in London. Ice cream is covered with a pepper-vanilla batter before being deep fried. It’s served with potato ice cream sliced to resemble chips. That’s pretty cool.

2. Salted Egg Yolk

Singapore’s offering is something most Westerners would scratch their heads over. It’s smooth, sweet and savoury, but the bright yellow hue makes it look like a wedge of cheese. Try it at Tom’s Palette (#01-25 Shaw Tower).  

3. Fox Testicles

Yes, you read that right. Fox testicles, known also as ‘salep’, is found in ice cream in Turkey. Happily though, it’s really not what you think; ‘fox testicles’ are actually wild orchid tubers, which look like the wily animal’s appendage. The tubers are ground into a powder and added to milk to make the frozen treat. Look for it in Istanbul, where it’s available at street carts.

4. Haggis

Aye, this one’s not for the faint of heart. Scotland’s national dish is now an ice cream flavour at Morelli’s, located in the food hall of Harrod’s in London. Think sweetened, creamy sheep innards, in a cone. Hmmm.

5. Honey Jalapeño Pickle   

It’s sweet, it’s sour, it’s salty, it’s spicy, and it’s from Sweet Action Ice Cream in the American city of Denver. This reminds us of what happens when you’re too greedy in a buffet line, and pile food on haphazardly on a plate: A hot mess.

6. Whiskey prune

From Simmo’s Ice Creamery in Australia comes this boozy offering that would have had us at ‘whiskey’ – if not for the follow up ingredient. Said to be a secret Irish recipe, it’s a blend of mascarpone ice cream, whiskey-soaked prunes (ugh!) and a whiskey ripple.  We’re not quite convinced.

7. Beef tongue  

How? Why? Said to be available at special festivals, this strange offering is probably not on anyone’s Top 20 list of favourite flavours. We’re not sure why anyone would want to eat this, unless it was part of a dare. Involving a lot of money.

8. Goat cheese with marionberries and habanero

Creamy with a sweet tang that’s chased by some low-grade heat – that’s how this flavour is best described by those who have tasted it. It’s part of the offerings from Salt & Straw in Portland, Oregon, and is made only in small batches using only all-natural, sustainable dairy ingredients. Intriguing.

9. Crocodile eggs

Touted to be highly nutritious, it basically substitutes chicken eggs with crocodile eggs in making the creamy frozen treat. The main ingredient is unhatched or surplus eggs from a nearby crocodile farm. We don’t know if we’d ever try this (bad karma, much?) but if you’d like to, it’s available at Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in Davao City, the Philippines.

10. Horsemeat 

This could only come from Japan. Head to Ice Cream City parlour at Sunshine City shopping mall in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro section for a cup. Also called Basashi ice, it features chunks of blended raw horsemeat. Scream.

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