10 Fantastic iOS 10 Features You'll Love

Give Pokemon GO a rest and rediscover your power of your smartphone


So you downloaded the latest iPhone software update over the  weekend. Suddenly, you don't have to swipe to get to the Home screen, WhatsApp notifications look different, your time and date counters are larger and - joy! - you can now make purchases via Apple Pay on your mobile. But there's a whole lot more to what lies beneath, a heaping selection to discover over time. Meanwhile, we've shortlisted our favourites that could well become yours too.

#1 Find your car, fast

Are you usually that lost soul wandering around a carpark trying to find your chilli-red red Volkswagen? Now, Siri automatically drops a pin at the location you stop, so you know exactly where to go.

#2 Clean up on Aisle 7

Are you a neat freak? iOS 10 now lets users remove hardly-used apps they don’t want (think Stocks or Compass). While they couldn't be removed previously, you can now get rid of them in the same way you get rid of downloaded apps. Changed your mind, and want to resurrect them? Sort it out in Settings.

#3 More music time

Are you constantly skipping tracks in iTunes? Edit Apple Music settings so that downloaded tracks you haven’t listened to after a certain time frame will be removed. This frees up space for more downloads. Removed tracks can be re-downloaded later.  

#4 Room for creativity

Are you one who loves sending texts? The in-built Messages function has undergone a radical makeover, so sending any message can now be a lot more fun. Drag a “sticker” (an animated or still icon) anywhere onto a message, for instant personalisation. Free or for-purchase stickers can be found at the Messages app store. Alternatively, you can now doodle your replies (and even choose your font colour) or even sprinkle glitter dust all over your message.

#5 Receive bedtime reminders

Are you always staying up late, then panic-sleeping? The Clock app has a new tab called ‘Bedtime’, where you can input your desired sleep and wake-up hours. You can even choose how soon before bedtime you'd like a reminder, as well as your wake up tune when it's time to rise and shine (Birdsong will make you believe you're in an aviary). Reminders are then sent, and your sleeping habits are tracked. Find out how you're doing in the Health app.

#6 Light the way

Are you a fan of the Flashlight function, but always found it blindingly bright? Hurrah! - it now has low, medium and high brightness options. Hold down on the Flashlight icon, and you'll see Bright, Medium or Low options. Pick one, and that will become your default intensity until you change it again.

#7 Go big or go home

Are you the type of concert-goer who watches everything through her mobile phone screen, recording videos and snapping photos? The new accessibility feature called Magnifier is your friend. Your camera can now really zoom in on an object at a distance. Enable it in Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier, then activate it by triple clicking on the Home button.

#8 Be a multi-tasking queen

Are you a shutterbug? You'll be happy to know that Camera mode no longer automatically kills any music recording from the device the moment it is opened. Now you can snap pics of your friends while being the party DJ.

#9 Quicker communication

Are you irritable at having to unlock your phone multiple times just to get anything done, yet aware that the screen lock function is vital? Well, now you can have a whole conversation in your WhatsApp or Message notification box, without unlocking the screen. 

#10 Fastest fingers first

Are you someone who's constantly looking to improve her selfie game? In instances when you want to snap something real quick, you've probably lost precious seconds unlocking your phone screen. Those days are over - now you can call up the Camera app just by swiping right.

Photos: idownloadblog.com, computerworld.com

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