This Video Answers Once & For All Who Should Pay On A Date

And it took a man to tell us


There’s a video from dating coach (and distractingly handsome) Matthew Hussey circulating the Internet right now about who should pay on a date. It starts off predictably enough: Hussey’s female audience feels a guy should always foot the first date, while Hussey’s of the opinion that the man should dump the woman if she doesn’t even go through the motions of offering.

But then things start getting interesting. Hussey says he won’t continue to date anyone who doesn’t offer to pay because “this is the most polite they’re gonna be, and they’re not even trying to pay now. What does that say about my future?”. And by golly, he’s right.

That first (non)action totally signals how we’re going to regard the relationship down the road. If the niceties don’t come naturally at the start, you can bet it’s going to be all downhill from there. (And maybe it’s time to swap your man for someone you can’t be so controlled and calculative with - because that usually means you’re in love. Or, uh, obsessed.)

If you are genuinely interested in someone, how to play it right? According to Hussey, “guys feel like they’re being taken advantage of when there’s a lack of gesture”. Which means the answer’s pretty simple – all a girl’s gotta do is contribute on a level that you’re able to and “in the same way you would treat your best friend”, even if it’s merely offering to pay to be polite.

And the next time you’re in that who-should-pay debate? Whip out your mobile and show the no-payers this.

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