This Is What Wendy Jacobs Thinks Of Iman’s Modelling Career

Is there a future for her daughter in it?


It’s a joy to watch Iman and Wendy posing together for the camera — not only do they make an enviably gorgeous mother-and-daughter pairing, the chemistry between them is palpable from the way they instinctively adjust their positions and nail each shot effortlessly. 

It’s evident that besides good looks, modelling talent also runs in the family, one that has come to be known as the Beckhams of Singapore. With four brothers for siblings (out of which three are pursuing a future in professional football in the footsteps of their famous father, Fandi Ahmad), Iman stands out as the only young girl growing up in what we imagine must be quite a rough-and-tumble household. 

“It has taught me to toughen up… my brothers’ strengths have influenced me greatly. Though I have always wished for an older sister, I could never imagine my family to be any different! I don’t mind being the only girl cos I will have so many sister in-laws in the future!” she quips.

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Thankfully, there’s mum to bond with when it comes to fashion and modelling, which she does whenever her schedule at school allows her to. Jacobs, having been a professional model, is naturally her daughter’s mentor, and what she teaches Iman goes way beyond finding her best angle for the camera.

“Watching her step into modelling is very exciting and nostalgic for me. When I was doing it, things were different but I still teach her the fundamentals such as punctuality and being attentive to the client’s needs,” says Jacobs. 

“The fashion industry is tough — you have to have a thick skin and be seen. The best way to do so is to exude confidence [but] have a great attitude…I always tell Iman to ask herself how she wants to be remembered.” — Wendy Jacobs

She is proud of how far her little girl has come: “Her determined spirit at such a young age amazes me. [For example,] Iman is of average height and this has worked to her disadvantage as a model. She took it hard initially but now takes it in her stride. She’s really come into her own despite growing up under the media spotlight.” 

While Iman has already made headway in the modelling industry, it’s not the only career possibility that she’s exploring: “My parents have always reinforced the idea of keeping an open mind to opportunities, so I am pursuing my interest in psychology… I do love animals too, so perhaps something could work out there too.”

“Our children’s dreams don’t belong to us, so let them grow and pursue their passion. The role of parents is to cushion their falls and bolster their growth. I always tell my children to pursue what makes their heart skip a beat,” says Jacobs.

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