Kim Lim: "I Don't Need My Son To Be A Lawyer Or Doctor."

The Cambridge Therapeutics ambassador has something a lot simpler in mind.


More often than not, we women are perfectionists. We feel compelled to exceed what people expect of us, whether we like to or not. Excel at work? No problem. Look effortless and flawless while we're at it? We're stressed but we'll make it work. Hang on, we also have to raise a child and teach them to be a compassionate human being while setting them on a good life path??

No woman has it easy, least of all mothers. And no matter what your background is, every mom carries with them on their shoulders, the weight of the world's expectations - and then some. This Mother's Day, influencer, Cambridge Therapeutics ambassasdor and new mom Kim Lim shares with us her greatest hope for her son Kyden, and what she wants all fellow mothers to keep in mind. 

Check out her well-wishes in the video below!

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