Ask E. Jean: I'm Married But My Husband And I Haven't Had Sex In Five Years

My husband hasn't touched me in years. Is it absolutely wrong to have an affair?


Dear E. Jean: I love my husband, but he's so focused on making money and is so depressed, anti­social, and controlling. We haven't had sex in five years. I am happy-go-lucky and artistic, enjoy people, and have embarked on a self-improvement plan. 

I've hired a personal trainer and started working out. The trainer is much closer to me than my husband is — we have lunch, talk deeply, laugh, and act silly together. I enjoy spending time with him. 

My husband won't see a counsellor and I'm afraid of divorce, but I'm tired of no sex, no touching, no holding, and no confiding. What should I do? — Helpless Wife

E. Jean: First, you must tell your husband: "Yo Sweetheart, my perpetual appeals for you to 'touch' me are tuckering me out." Then, get him to see a physician, find out what is physically/mentally wrong with him. Life's too short to go without bliss!

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