An Astrologist Helps Decode Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande's Whirlwind Relationship

Here's what their highly-emotional astro signs say about them.


By now we've all heard the stories. It took Pete Davidson five days to ink a tribute tat to potential-bae Ariana Grande, a fortnight more to stamp her initials on his thumb, and roughly a month before dropping a $93,000 on a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring set on a fully iced platinum band.

Are these moves ripped straight from the "10 Ways to Bring Certain Doom to a Relationship" handbook? Or are they just... a Scorpio-Cancer thing?

Oh, water signs.

Look, we cannot deny the rarified connection between a Cancer (Ariana) and a Scorpio (Pete). In fact, it's kind of a match made in astrological heaven. Two highly sensitive individuals with profound trust issues — matched only by their wild mood swings and penetrating gazes — actually find each other amid the numbed-out masses. It feels divinely guided! Meant to be! And definitely too intensely sexy to resist.

When not in love, water signs can be as glacial as the iceberg that brought down the Titanic. But in case you didn't realise, their cooler-than-thou front is actually a defence mechanism. When water signs drop their guards, it's like watching a dam burst open behind a rushing river. We're pretty sure it was a water sign who inspired the term "emotional floodgates." Who knew so many feels were bottled up in there? Bye-bye RBF, hello Perma-Puppy Grin.

And, they're both possessive! When Cancers decide to hold on, they don't let go without a fight — those crab claws, they can grip. Envy is a Scorpio's favourite deadly sin. They're going to mark their territory — even if their pheromones spray out the form of a twee cloud emoji and bunny ears.

Currently, another Cancer-Scorpio infatuation situation is making water sign waves. Behold, the unapologetic love triangle of Scorpio Kendall Jenner and her two Cancer baes, baller Ben Simmons and her baby-bro-friend Anwar Hadid, who she was spotted kissing very publicly last week. And, in its own way, it's packed with all the "can't look away" drama and intensity of the Pete and Ariana saga.

In the Cancer-Scorpio power pyramid, Scorpios like Pete have the upper hand in 2018 — even if said hand is marked for life by Cancerian iconography. Uninhibited Jupiter is cycling through Scorpio from 10 October 2017 until this 8 November — a once-per-decade transit that puts all their notoriously sexy ways on blast. Jupiter is the cosmic gambler who leaps first and looks around later. While Scorpios are reputed to be cool and calculating, the red-spotted planet seems to have eliminated their ability to think beyond the moment.

Trouble is, most Cancers like Ariana are looking for a forever-after thing. They might lead with their coquettish charms, but if you get to their tender underbelly, you had better not eff with them. If you do, things could get Gryffindor versus Slytherin verrrrry fast. Like, have you listened to Grande's lyrics? A little sampling from Love Me Harder:

Tell me something, I need to know 
Then take my breath and never let it go 
If you just let me invade your space 
I'll take the pleasure, take it with the pain


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