True Story: A Zoukout DJ Once Requested For A Lemur For His Rider

Plus, other insane things that the Zouk team has encountered through the years of Zoukout


Here are five things that were still, well, things, when Zoukout first started. 

- Avril Lavigne
- Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston #TeamBrennifer4Lyfe
- TV show Friends 
- CD shops
- Dial-up Internet

Suffice to say, Zoukout has been around for a long, long time. And one would think that after 17 years of organising one of Asia's biggest and best dance music festivals, nothing fazes the Zouk team anymore. For the most part, yes. But then again, nothing can ever really prepare you for a DJ requesting for weed and chewing gum for his rider.  

Ahead of this weekend's Zoukout, Byden Lian, head of entertainment at Zouk grants us an insider look into some of the craziest things that have happened to the organising team in past years' editions.

1. That time a DJ threatened to cancel his gig.

"There was a miscommunication between a DJ and the agent - one DJ initially wanted to play after another DJ, and not before, and this wasn't communicated accurately to us. As a result of the mix-up, the DJ threatened to cancel his entire gig. We ended up having to throw in some extra elements for the show to pacify him." 

2. That time a DJ requested for a lemur for his rider

"Our entertainment team often has to figure out how to get 'hard to get' items in hospitality riders (specifications that come with their contracts). Some of the wacky items that have been requested include: a Playstation, cakes, Calvin Klein underwear, luxury watches, blue M&Ms, Nike Air Force 1 shoes, national team soccer jerseys, fruit juice blenders, chewing gum (we wondered if this was a troll item, since Singapore is well-known worldwide for banning it), and weed (even though we told them it's banned in Singapore). And a lemur."

3. That time someone created a fake email address to get press access.

"There are always fake press requests to go backstage to catch certain acts. One year, someone even went through the trouble of creating a fake email address. It looked convincing at first, but the team did due diligence with people working within that particular media company to see if the person existed. Afterwards, he sent a couple of emails to follow up, and we told him that an application for press accreditation didn't necessarily equate to getting a press pass. We gave him a link to buy discounted tickets as a goodwill gesture anyway."

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