The Best Celebrity Instagram Posts Celebrating International Women's Day

The A-listers are feeling the girl power.


Having a day to remember how truly epic, powerful and important women are, especially in a post-Weinstein era, has never been more essential. 

With the current climate in Hollywood and movements likes Times Up and #MeToo getting more coverage than ever, it's still so important for men and women alike to keep supporting equality and the empowerment of women everywhere.

Unsurprisingly, the A-list celebrities have been keen to show their support and what better way to share the message than on Instagram. From Emma Watson to Alexa Chung, these are the celebrities showing their love for International Women's Day on Instagram. Scroll down, read their messages and be inspired now!

Gisele Bündchen

Nicole Kidman

David Beckham

Victoria Beckham

I learnt from the best!! #internationalwomensday I love you mum x Kisses

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Alice Dellal

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