The 10 Thirst Traps (Who Are Not Ronaldo Or Neymar) At 2018's World Cup

Nothing wrong with enjoying some eye candy alongside good football, amirite?


Here's the thing: Women do watch football, and sometimes for the hot guys. There's nothing wrong with that; appreciating the Beautiful Game, and appreciating the Beautiful Men in it are not two mutually exclusive concepts. Sure, lists like this one are frivolous, but there's enough ugliness going on out there in the world (read: Donald Trump and whatever douchebaggery he's up to at the moment) - surely we can all agree to a little harmless fun featuring good-looking men that don't have any say in the nuclear warfare situation of the world?

But don't just take your cue from all the dozens of generic lists that don't seem to go beyond the same few players (we get it, you were forced to do this story, and you only know Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar). Here at ELLE, we (well, mostly me, the resident football fan) take pride in giving you quality, well-researched content. Behold, our picks for the 10 new-gen thirst traps you'll be keeping your eye on this upcoming month. 

Kevin Trapp
Plays for: Germany

Unfortunately, the third-choice goalkeeper for the German team probably won't make too many appearances once they make it past the group stages, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for him during one of the "easier" matches (Germany vs South Korea, perhaps?) - if any at all. 

Isco Alarcon
Plays for: Spain

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One of the core midfielders for the Spanish team, Isco's nimble footwork is just as pleasing to the eye as his impish good looks. 

Thiago Alcantara
Plays for: Spain

In a team packed full of the footballing world's biggest names, handsome Thiago is unlikely to feature too much this World Cup. So appreciate the few matches that he actually does.

Maya Yoshida
Plays for: Japan

Admittedly, we don't know much about him (other than that he plays for Premier League team Southampton) but a tall Japanese player with chiselled good looks and perfectly coiffed hair transcends knowledge gaps. We know him now, and we're all the better for it.

Andre Silva
Plays for: Portugal

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Yes, there are other good-looking, talented footballers repping Portugal other than Cristiano Ronaldo! 

Raphael Varane
Plays for: France

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The towering centreback is a beast on the field, providing muscle power for the French national team's defense line. Off the field however, Raphael is a homebody who shuns the flashy footballer life for time with his high school sweetheart-wife and son. Get yourself a man who can do both.

Granit Xhaka
Plays for: Switzerland

*Bruno Mars' voice* and when you smilleeeee, the whole world stops and stares for a whillleeeee

Marco Reus
Plays for: Germany

The supremely injury-prone forward is finally headed for a major international tournament (after missing out on the 2014 edition and 2016 Euros) - and may it stay that way. When in top form, Marco is a force to be reckoned with. Also, he's nice to look at.

Yannick Carrasco
Plays for: Belgium

All eyes may be on Eden Hazard to lead Belgium's so-called "Golden Era" team to a more satisfactory showing than at their previous World Cup and Euro outings, but the towering winger will be the man to set up the goals (and provide the requisite eye candy).

Mateo Kovacic
Plays for: Croatia

The dimpled, bright-eyed midfielder from Croatia is one of the national team's most talented young prospects - even within a team packed with lots of midfield prowess. 

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