Selena Gomez Just Unfollowed 279 Friends' And Fellow Celebs' Instagram Accounts

Including her assistant and close friends.


Selena Gomez did an Instagram revamp last week, which included changing her bio, profile pic, and unfollowing hundreds of accounts — including her assistant Theresa Mingus's, several of her close friends' who she's been seen out or on vacation withGigi Hadid's, and Demi Lovato's among others.

She still follows several Selena Gomez fan accounts, Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, Jessica Alba, her stylist Kate Young, and her best friend (and kidney donor) Francia Raisa.

 Selena Gomez, still following Taylor Swift.


Fans noticed the activity — and Gomez's follow list shrink from 316 to just 37 — last week. Gomez has given no indication why she reduced her following list, and it isn't likely the unfollows mean there's any drama in those relationships. 

For example, yesterday Gomez commented on Lovato's recent Instagram, and Lovato liked Gomez's latest post:

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