Why Jennifer Jason Leigh Says Her New Drama Role Is “Deeply Flawed”

The actress talks about playing a troubled character in the Emmy-nominated drama, Patrick Melrose.


The Primetime Emmy Awards 2018 is happening next month, and one of the nominated dramas is now showing here on the BBC channel. Based on the same-title novel, Patrick Melrose is a mini-series that depicts the problematic yet privileged life of British upper-class type Patrick Melrose (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).

American actress Jennifer Jason Leigh stars alongside Benedict, playing his mother Eleanor Melrose. Despite having one of the richest families in the US, Eleanor’s personal life is less than perfect. She suffers and lives in humiliation with her abusive husband, David Melrose (played by Hugo Weaving). As a result, she’s never “really there” as a mother for Patrick. Later, she even abandons the family, leaving Patrick with his heartless dad.  

We got up close with Jennifer to shed light on her dark character.

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