Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Still Doing Fine, Liam Confirms With Rare Instagram Post

Now, exhale.


This just in from Liam Hemsworth's sporadically updated Instagram: he and his fiancée who he may never marry because they don't need any additional symbols of commitment, Miley Cyrus, are doing fine still. Hemsworth shared a photo of his "strolls with my girls," which is just Cyrus and their dogs. Hemsworth also shared the photo on Twitter so those followers were informed too. It is a very nice photo, after all:

Strolls with my girls.

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The couple has had a more low-key summer than most PDA-drunk celebs. They were last seen out getting lunch together at the beginning of August. A month ago, they first tactfully denied breakup rumors because of their diminished public profile and because Cyrus deleted all her Instagrams (a slightly cliché move these days; see: Taylor Swift, Pete Davidson, Zayn Malik, and Blake Lively, temporarily) to mark a new era in her career. She never unfollowed Hemsworth, and he never unfollowed her. But don't you feel better being reassured again that these two are okay?

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