Meghan Markle Was Secretly Baptised Into The Church Of England This Week

It is said to be out of respect for the Queen.


Meghan Markle, who attended a Catholic School growing up, is said to have officially converted to the Church of England. According to the Daily Mail, on last Tuesday, in a private ceremony at the Chapel Royal, the 36 year-old was baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

This move is said to be out of respect for the Suits star's soon-to-be- grandmother-in -law, Queen Elizabeth II, who is head of the Church that was founded by Henry VIII in 1534.

Traditionally, to marry into the royal family, fiancees must be both C of E and have never been married, however, rules have modernised and become more lax. Markle somewhat bucks this historic trend, having previously been married to producer Trevor Engelson in 2011 (they divorced two years later). 

Thankfully this is no longer an issue, and Prince Harry doesn't need to choose between his partner and his title (unlike his Great-great Uncle, Edward VIII, who married American, twice-divorced Wallis Simpson and abdicated the throne in 1936).

Philanthropist Markle is said to have developed a close relationship with Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, since spending more time in UK, which may have contributed to her decision to officially join the faith.

After the secret ceremony, which is said to have had 18 witnesses and took 45 minutes, Charles and Camilla, the Californian's future parents-in-law, hosted a dinner at Clarence House in her honour.

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