Kylie Jenner Was Just Photographed For The First Time Since Giving Birth

Oh hi there, hot new mama!


Kylie Jenner has been more or less MIA in public since news of her pregnancy broke last September. Earlier this month, Kylie revealed that she had welcomed her daughter on 1 February 2018 and shared the news with a touching video tribute to her baby girl, who she named Stormi Webster.

Later, Kylie shared a picture of Stormi grasping a perfectly-manicured thumb (presumably Kylie's) that quickly became the most-liked Instagram picture of all time.

stormi webster 👼🏽

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But, through all of that, Kylie had remained out of the public eye — until now. The Daily Mail just posted exclusive photos of Kylie out in public for the first time since welcoming her daughter more than a week ago. 

Since the pictures are exclusive to Daily Mail, you'll have to head over there to see them, but know that she looks amazing in every single shot.

In the photos, Kylie wears a black top, black bicycle shorts, and a white jacket. She accessorised the minimalist look with a Prada fanny pack and grey and black Michael Jordan sneakers.

The pictures show Kylie headed to an office building in Los Angeles along with her best friend, Jordyn Woods. In one shot, you can even see a little of Kylie's midriff, proving that the new mom is as proud of her body post-baby as she was before she got pregnant. 

Stormi was not pictured out with Kylie on the trip, but given Kylie's massive family, she's no doubt safe at home with a doting relative acting as a top-notch babysitter.

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