10 Scary Ways To Mark Friday The 13th

Gather the girls for a scream fest


It's here... the day many dread, with a nervous laugh. Friday the 13th is considered a highly unlucky day in the Western world, one that heralds visions of black cats, witches and for some, an axe-wielding, mask-wearing murderer. Whether or not you buy into the hype, believers will argue that there are many reasons behind the superstitions linked to this inauspicious day.

Most of these reasons stem from Christianity;Adam and Eve were said to have been created on a Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday, and at the Last supper, there were 13 people at the table. Loki, the god of Mischief, was also said to have showed up unannounced to dinner where 12 other gods were feasting, and this eventually led to sadness and mourning in Valhalla over the murder of Balder the Good. Hindus also believe that the gathering of 13 people for any purpose is frowned upon.

Whatever the case may be, we say there's nothing to stop you from paying a little homage, if you will, to this famed date in the best way we know how: A fright fest of mega proportions. Consider these 10 ideas for a spine-chilling marathon.

The Shining


The Conjuring



Paranormal Activity


The Orphanage


Grave Encounters


The Woman in Black




Evil Dead


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