I Tried The iPhone X And Here’s What I Thought

Planning to blow your year-end bonus on it? Get the lowdown on whether it’s really worth it.


Yes, the iPhone X is finally out! And in case you didn't know, the X in its name actually means 10 — the iPhone has hit its 10th anniversary this year, by the way. We got our hands on a unit to test (one of the best perks of being a journo, we say), and here are our honest thoughts on it — if you're interested to know if it's as good as Apple claims. 


1. You’ll need a phone case

With glass on both its front and back, the iPhone X is a fingerprint magnet. If you’re obsessive about keeping your mobile pristine, a stylish case to keep it mark-free is absolutely necessary. 


2. It takes some getting used to 

Unlike its predecessors, the new iPhone X doesn’t have a home button. To get to your home screen, you’ll need to first unlock your phone (more on that below) and flick upwards on the screen. The same applies when you wish to exit an app and head back to your home screen.


3. The face-recognition feature is surprisingly foolproof

There are two ways to lock and unlock the iPhone X — either enter a passcode or simply look into the front camera (this is if you have completed the face recognition set-up). Apple claims that the program is smart enough to recognise (natural) changes in the user’s facial features over time. 

During the set-up of the face-recognition function, I didn’t wear my glasses. I angled the phone such that I was looking down at the front camera naturally. I had to move my head in a circular motion for a few times so that the system can properly capture my face and honestly, it was quicker than scanning my thumbprint for the iPhone Touch ID function (which took a much longer time). 


Unlocking the iPhone is easy-peasy, henceforth — I just had to hold my phone and look directly into the front camera. The phone then unlocks in an instant. I tried to "fool" the system by wearing a cap and glasses, as well as tilting my face at different angles, but the phone still managed to recognise my face. Those who are literally too lazy to lift a finger will love this new feature. 


4. Animoji’s a cute way of interacting 

Another exciting new feature is Animoji, which you’ll find in iMessage. Here, you’ll find adorable emoticons of creatures such as a monkey, dog and other iconic emojis such as the popularly used smiley turd. Look into the front camera and the emoticon will mimic your facial expressions. At the same time, it allows you to record a short 10-second video clip which also captures your voice. Love unicorns? Now you can actually see how you look as one.


5. The front camera now blurs out the background when you're taking selfies

If you’ve fallen in love with the iPhone camera’s portrait function, you’ll appreciate the fact that Apple has done the same for X’s front camera. It effectively blurs out the background, putting a sharper focus on the foreground — like your face when you’re taking a selfie. It’s a good function to have, especially if you’re as obsessed with selfies as Kim K; not an essential for me, but nevertheless a cool feature that I'd use now and then. 

Photos: Apple.

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